Tourist Visa

Tourist visa will be issued for foreign nationals who are interested in travelling to Iran individually and with a group with the purpose of visiting Iran and their friends and family.

Required documents:

1. Authorisation number obtained on approval of the Visa department of the Iranian ministry of Foreign affairs, via the application by the counterpart Iranian organisation (sponsoring ministry, company, Business Corporation or institution, etc.)

2. Original passport (valid for minimum next six months)

3. Visa Application Form duly completed and signed by the applicant (one copy)

4- Fee (Cash only- inside consulate)

5- Fingers print (inside consulate)

6-Two photos (Passport size) taken within the past six months, with a plain white background, along with the application form.

7- A “return envelope” with name, address and adequate prepaid postage to cover cost of registered mail.



The Visa Section opening hours:



Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 5 pm


Address: Iranian Consulate, 50 Kensington Court, W8 5DD





A – All European passport-holders – except UK passport-holders – can obtain a visa at the airport on arrival in Iran for a 30-day stay.
Foreign nationals with valid passports are able to travel to Iranian Free Economic Zones, such as Kish, Qeshm and Chahbahar with a 30 day-entry visa obtained at the port of entry.
– Visitors who have entered Free Economic Zones on the 14-day visas but intend to travel to other destinations on mainland Iran must apply for visas at the representative office of the Ministry of foreign affairs located in the Free Economic Zones.
B – Visa Issued on Arrival
According to newly enacted laws, the Passport Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the authority to issue visas at the Tehran IKIA, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Tabriz airports as well as other designated points of entry into Iran to citizens holding ordinary passports of the following countries:
Albania – Armenia – Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan – Belarus – Belgium – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Brazil – Bulgaria – China – Colombia – Cuba – Croatia – Cyprus – Denmark – France – Georgia – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Italy – Ireland – Japan – Kuwait – Kyrgyzstan – Lebanon – Luxembourg – Mexico – Mongolia – Netherlands – New Zealand – North Korea – Norway – Oman – Peru – Poland – Portugal – Qatar – Romania – Russian Federation – Saudi Arabia – Singapore – Slovakia – South Korea – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Syria – Tajikistan – Thailand – Turkey – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan- Ukraine – United Arab Emirates- Venezuela – Vietnam – Yugoslavia
C – Iranians who have Iranian citizenship documents (birth certificate, passport) are not eligible to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran with foreign travel documents. These citizens have to apply for new Iranian passport for traveling to the country.
-It should be noted that this type of visa is only for the purpose of tourism for nationals of the above-mentioned countries who carry original passports of their countries.
-The above procedure does not apply to holders of diplomatic and service passports and for journalists and Iranian nationals holding foreign passports.
-The above procedure does not apply to holders of diplomatic and service passports and for journalists and Iranian nationals holding foreign passports.


– Application for children under 18 must be signed by father or Guardian.
Guardian have to come to the Embassy to apply himself, if not, his documents and signature should be legalized in NOTARY PUBLIC. (A birth certificate or personbevis is also needed in this case.)
– Children whose father is Iranian can travel to Iran ONLY with Iranian passport.
– Passport must be valid for at least six months and have minimum two blank pages.
– Please note that health and accident insurance as part of home insurance is valid only for 45 days. For longer visa period requires a separate contract.
– Applications with incomplete documents or incompletely filled or unsigned forms will be returned.
– Copy of passport pages should include the applicant’s identification pages, stamp seals of legal residence in UK or European countries or and airports departure and arrival.
– Color photos in white background should be taken during the last 6 months. Black and white photos or old one will not be accepted.


For applying urgent visas an additional 50% on original fees will be payable.