Press Visa

Regarding the press Visa application, please read the information as follows:


Step 1

The Applicant must arrive in person to the Press Section of the Embassy with the following documents:

1- A Press Visa Form filled out accurately (available on Embassy website. click here)

2- A copy of all pages of the applicant’s passport

3- A letter from the media where he/she works with (in which the objective of the trip must be clearly outlined in detail)

4- Samples or links of the applicant’s previous works (preferably about Iran).


Step 2

If approved and the visa is to be issued, the correspondent or his/her agent must come to the Consulate Section of the Embassy with the following documents:

1. Authorization number obtained on approval of the Visa department of the Iranian ministry of Foreign affairs, via the application by the counterpart Iranian organization (sponsoring ministry, company, press Corporation or institution, etc.)

2. Original passport (valid for minimum next six months)

3. Visa Application Form duly completed and signed by the applicant (one copy)

4- Fee (Cash only- inside consulate)

5- Fingers print ( inside consulate )

6-Two photos (3cmx4cm) taken within the past six months, with a plain white background, along with the application form.

7- A “return envelope” with name, address and adequate prepaid postage to cover cost of registered mail.



The Visa Section opening hours:


Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 5 pm


Address: Iranian Consulate, 50 Kensington Court, W8 5DD